Monday, November 8, 2010

Ume-sensei Live Painting using Wacom tablet device

An interesting watch. Check out Ume-sensei live painting using Wacom tablet device. Pretty neat. I love to see how she draw an anime character and the process. I wonder how long did she actually take to finish drawing for a single anime character. In the video it has sped up 3x but still the video is about 15 minutes long!

Ume-sensei is a mangaka who created the characters in Hidamari Sketch and she also made special appearance as a caterpillar like character called Ume-sensei and she also did the cover voice for the character as well.

In actual life, she never reveal on how she looks like. Even though she has, you won't be able to see her face clearly. It's a mystery. I guess a lot of mangaka does that to keep their privacy.

If you are interested in checking out other managka / artist live painting using Wacom tablet device, click on the Youtube link here

Source ANN